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We all have our own fantasies when it comes to weddings and all the shenanigans that precedes and follows. Now the reasons for such individualistic desires is somewhat sourced from people around us, things we see on media and then our own thoughts that have no limits. For a bride, wedding is not special just for a reason or two, but for so many things that extend from love and relationships to being the best self on the day, due to makeup, jewelries, stunning outfit, dazzling atmosphere around and whatnot. Preparing for all of this takes quality time and patience for the final day to be as extravagant as possible.

Indian weddings range from a simple ceremonial evening to massively planned weeks of bonding and glamour and our country being a diverse land of people and traditions, there is an endless list of inspirational instances you can draw ideas from. But all of this doesn’t change the fact of a nervous bride waiting the wedding day filled with mix emotions. To release all of the nervousness and stress it is always a wonderful idea to get some pre wedding beauty sessions and get groomed in the most beautiful and captivating manner. Now in the age of everything digital and online audience presence, a wide range of fix is your way to go whenever in need of solutions for the wedding in your family or you being the bride or the groom yourself. One such online wedding planning platform is that smoothly caters to all the introduces you to a platform that smoothly caters to all the tasks in context to wedding and one of them being upkeep of the bride’s beauty and makeup. You can find best bridal makeup artists in Delhi, Mumbai and all the other cities of India. You can read their reviews and choose the best for you.

The first on the line is getting a healthy and radiant skin throughout the time period of the wedding ceremonies because looking anywhere below best is not self desired, is it? You might choose to get some skin treatments or some dermatological advices. Include in your routine a CTM regime that is about cleansing, toning and moisturizing your facial skin to tackle any skin issues and impurities and choose the products wisely according to your skin type. If you get your eyebrows done, then it is suggested you get them done at least a couple of days prior to avoid any skin irritation or redness on the day of your nuptial.

Getting proper and enough sleep is definitely required to avoid any swelling or dark circles and tiredness. With a service portal like Wed Me Good, all of the dilemmas of proper beauty regime is sorted from having correct makeup products to makeup artist and skills to bedazzle you. It doesn’t matter which city in India you are based in or in which city your wedding day is being held, all that matters is that you have wed me good to give you company and release all your pre-marriage stress. They have all under their roof from jewelries, accessories to mehendi artists to help you decide what would look elegantly glamorous on you.

The cities they cater in are Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Udaipur, Chandigarh, Dubai and so on. They have the right spices and ideas for you to indulge in for the big day, so head over to the portal and relish in the thoughts of the wonderful arrangement you will get to experience in your family or friend’s wedding or maybe even your own!

Shraddha Kapoor In Pencey & Zara
Priyanka Chopra In Gigi Hadid X Tommy Hilfiger

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