The 7 Most Wearable Summer 2017 Fashion Trends


Any of your bold fantasies will look organically this summer: the designers have presented the maximum variety of trends. Which fashion trends will hold the lead positions in summer 2017?


Trend № 1. Lace, ruching, frills.


Well, what can be more feminine than a dress made of the finest sheer weightless lace? In 2017, dresses of semi-sheer lace with ruching, fluttering flounces and frills are still in vogue. Famous and the most powerful designers in the world have decided that in future summer, no woman should forget about her natural softness and romanticism, so her dress must be light, flying and, of course, decorated with frills.

Trend № 2. Strip.


Colorful strips will become one of the main fashion trends of 2017. It was presented in almost every collection of women’s clothing at the Fashion Week in Milan. Pants, blouses, dresses, bags, shoes have bright colorful strips which attract everyone’s attention. Therefore, if you want to buy a truly fashionable thing, then buy anything you want but striped. “Striped” fashionable clothes are presented in the most stylish looks in the collections of Fendi, Max Mara, Uma Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Trend № 3. Asymmetry.


Designers are sure that symmetrical looks will be too common for this summer. Asymmetry, unusual cut, broken lines, creating really strong and dramatic looks, come into fashion. Along with the stripes and frills that will be popular this summer, a fashion-forward trend in clothing will be a geometric print. Rhombuses, squares, circles, triangles and all the patterns that can only be made of them are used to create fashionable clothes in the collections of many famous brands, for example, Emporio Armani and Prada.

Trend № 4. Sparkling gold, silver and bronze.


A new trend in the clothes of summer 2017 will be presented by using a metallized fabric when creating fashionable dresses, jackets, blouses, tops, trousers and skirts. Just imagine how effective a metallic dress will look when sunlight will fall on it in the summer. One important thing: you should use as much silver as possible in the look, so safely choose silver dresses, jackets, skirts, and shirts.

And if you do not like to attract too much attention, then choose clothes with gold embroidery. It also looks very stylish and beautiful.

Trend № 5. Flat sandals.


Speaking about summer collections, sandals are one of the most obvious things that can happen on the runway. For example, London was distinguished by the fact that some collections were represented only by such sandals. And this means that this is a future powerful trend with a capital “T”! One designer will be experimenting exclusively with flowers, and another one – with materials. 

Trend №6. Coming back to the 80’s.


Fashion Week in London together with the fashion week in New York, clearly demonstrated that the power is in the details. These details formed a single and very convincing trend for the future summer – coming back to the aesthetics of the 80’s.

Huge shoulders, banana trousers, giant jewelry, metal shine, lurex and other features of the 80’s – the wildest and “tasteless” decade of the last century – will rule the show.

If you are a man who thinks about creating the family – get ready to marry a woman, it will be a perfect time to find the one. All beauties will show not only their vivacious character but also their legs and shoulders in all its glory.

Trend 7. The effect of wet hair.


The trend, born at the High Fashion Week in Paris, surely penetrates the prêt-a-porter. Well, summer is the best time to try it.

Trends are changing constantly, choose what you like and what will fit you the best – to look really gorgeous.

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