Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eyeliner Review, Pictures and Swatches


Hi Girls! Today I have got another product to review and it makes me very excited 🙂 This time its “lotus herbals Opulence botanical eye liner”, when I saw this one I immediately picked it as this is from lotus and by far now, I have loved all the products from lotus but this time I wanted to try Lotus in cosmetics. This was my first ever purchase of a cosmetic from Lotus.  

About the product

Price: INR 195/-

Quantity: 4g 
It has a conical tip which enables clean and precise application to avoid sensitive skin around the eye. It has a long grip which helps in pin pointing the control of line and placement.



What does the product claims?
1)   Ideal to relax your eyes, it has botanical extracts-Almond Oil.
2)   Water-proof and ultra smooth for all day.
3)   Unique tip for effortless application.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Opulence botanical eyeliner:
This product is good for sensitive eyes too due to its botanical extracts, application is also smooth. Its unique tip is fine for the regular application, but I found it a bit difficult to apply variations with this one. This is good for those girls who want an eye liner with controlled tip for easy application.
I didn’t like its quantity. Lotus herbals shortened its actual quantity to make the handle long. Moreover, the liner is very thin liquid;
you will feel as if you are applying water, which will develop cracks. Trust me, if you rub your eyes accidentally then the whole liner will be gone.

My overall verdict:
Personally I didn’t like this product very much, it doesn’t impress me. There are much better eye liners available in the market as compared to this one.
Will I Purchase it again?
No, I didn’t like it, I will not repurchase it.
My Rating: 2.3/5

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