Epaulettes-A Beautiful Shoulder Ornament


Hi lovely ladies how are you doing today? I was scrolling the internet yesterday and found one very interesting ornament, which I have seen many times especially on celebrities shoulders but I never knew what was that? I used to call it some kind of “jewellery” or “some style statement” but I always wondered that what is It called L so finally today I have found its name, its history and the way to style is right. Sounds quite interesting? Isn’t it? J Yes Its always quite interesting to know new and unique  jewellery’s and ornaments name. At least It makes us girls very excited (it made me exited at least) lol. J Jokes apart, lets come to this post, Well today I am going to talk about a different and stylish jewellery or say a shoulder ornament which is usually fringed and is called an “EPAULETTE”!!


What is An Epaulette?

Basically these are worn to show the insignia of rank of armed forces and some other organizations. It’s used as an ornament in fashion industry too. To say these Epaulettes can be spiked or studded and are usually worn as a style statement ornament which adds a dash of oomph to the outfit.
Natalie Portman wearing Epaulettes
Rihanna Wearing Epaulettes

Way to Style it Right:

If you want to get this look then it is best to stick to monotone hues so that your dress doesn’t clash with your Epaulette. If you want to wear this ornament then you can opt for either strong lips or bold eyes as another statement to make style in your get up. J

You should avoid over accessorizing and make the epaulette the main eye catching feature of your look.


Epaulettes can be worn with swooping neckline dresses, boat-necked blouses teamed with skirts. This shoulder ornament can be teamed well with all.

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