Are you still 25 and can see those dark circles on your face? Or just into your 30’s and those wrinkles would just not go. People, you must have tried all, and I mean “all” the beauty products in the market, all the creams and everything on this got damn planet to look like your early twenties or late teens. But girls what comes from within is what stays. Here we will share with you 10 best nutritious foods which will not only satisfy your tummy but will also fight ageing, yes you read it right. Sometimes things are easy, and we complicate it with complicated stuff.



Be it strawberries, Burberrys, blackberries, all these berries have anti-oxidants. These berries have significant plant nutrients and flavonoids which have anti-ageing properties. The not only promote cell health, protect against various problems but also satisfy your craving for some good stuff.



From potassium, vitamin E, to anti-oxidants it has it all which makes it a great fruit to include in your diet and further it enriches cells which helps fight ageing.



Isn’t garlic is featured at almost all good places? It improves your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and has great anti-ageing properties. It also works as an anti-viral and anti-fungal agent. Thus I would say add it in your diet even if you are not facing any aging problems.



They are a source of healthy vitamins, and minerals having very low or even negligible fats and carbs. Some of the nuts like almonds (badams), cashews etc. have ample amount of omega-3 fats. These are also good for your heart due to the presence of the unsaturated fats in them.

Mixed Nuts


This is a protein rich food which is also rich in phosphorus and calcium. Plus to add to it, it’s low in calories. Thus a great item to include in the diet. So you should surely add it in your daily diet and help yourself get in perfect shape.



Well, when in childhood your mom used to give you green veggies I am sure you would have hated it. But as much I am sure of that, I am even more sure that to get rid of those aging signs you will have as many green veggies as possible. It has anti-oxidants which protects your body cells from harmful radicals. These radicals are the reason for ageing signs. Veggies like broccoli are my personal favorites (great source of protein too).



All sweet things are not bad you see. It has anti-oxidants, calcium, vitamin B6 and C, thiamine, niacin. These will help reduce your ageing process.



This might have been an unknown thing a few years back, but now it’s a household thing. It is herbal tea and is rich in anti-oxidants. It not only has fat cutting properties i.e. it makes you slimmer but also has catechin polyphenols which enhance thermogenesis and fat oxidation.



I know this will delight you to the core if you are a grapes lover like me. These have cell repairing properties due to them being rich in resveratrol which has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulatory properties. I after knowing this (when I got to know about it) started enjoying them even more.



Yes even spices help keep those wrinkles away. So a little more spiced up food isn’t that bad. Turmeric is a great spice to start with. Each spice has different properties thus aiding our task of anti-ageing.


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